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Scott Gossett

Scott and his wife Sandra have three sons and five grandchildren.

He is a life-time resident of Alabama and was saved at the West Huntsville Baptist Church when he was seventeen years old and has the unique privilege of being on staff at West Huntsville for over 35 years, the last 26 years as pastor.

Scott has led the church to have a very active involvement in missions. West Huntsville Baptist Church purchased five buildings in Ukraine, sent mission teams over to rebuild/remodeled them, and then gave them to the local congregations. Other ministry trips to the Ukraine included leading Bible camps and construction teams to rebuild existing church buildings. West Huntsville teams have also assisted with construction and teaching English at the Donetsk Christian University, in Donetsk, Ukraine.

In addition to serving in Ukraine, West Huntsville Baptist Church has sent mission teams to Russia, China, India, Philippines, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Thailand, Slovakia, Israel, and Panama. Scott has also visited and encouraged missionaries in Australia, England, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Slovakia, Spain, and Turkey.

West Huntsville Baptist Church has participated in special SCORE projects from Haiti to Eutaw, Alabama. West Huntsville is privileged to serve as the sending church for Hoss Johnson and the Ken Perkins family who serve as SCORE missionaries.