Is SCORE an acronym for something??
Yes.  SCORE stands for Sharing Christ Our Redeemer Enterprises.

How long are the mission trips?
Typically they are one week to 10 days long. Most groups find it easiest to leave from home on a Saturday and return from the mission field on a Saturday.

What countries do groups go to on trips?
Dominican Republic and Costa Rica are our two most popular destinations. We also travel to Jamaica, Aruba, Puerto Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, France and anywhere that a group desires to go!

Do I need to have a passport?
Yes, you do need a passport to travel overseas with SCORE. Effective as of January 1, 2006, the U. S. government requires all citizens from the USA to have a passport to travel overseas. You will need to have a current, valid passport to go on a SCORE trip.

Where do groups stay while overseas?
It depends upon the destination. In countries such as Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, SCORE owns hotels and all trip participants will stay there unless notified otherwise. In other countries SCORE will rent hotel rooms or have groups stay at the facilities of other missions organizations.

What types of ministry can our group do?
The options are truly limitless, but here are a few examples: Vacation Bible School programs, puppet shows, tract distribution, light construction work, visit schools and orphanages, etc.

Are there age limits to go on a SCORE trip?
SCORE does not enforce any age limits. However, most individuals that go are at least 16 years old. There are people under age 16 who go, but it is typically with an adult family member.

Will my child be allowed to leave the group?
NO! The groups are always supervised by a SCORE missionary and no one is ever allowed to leave the group or the facilities.

How can I contact my child?
You will be provided with an EMERGENCY number of the SCORE representative who will be on the trip. However, this is for EMERGENCIES ONLY and all other calls must come through the SCORE home office at 423-894-7111.

Will my child be able to call home?
Yes. While on the trip, they will be able to purchase a calling card or use an internet phone to call home. However, do not be alarmed if they don’t call. They will be very busy, they leave early in the morning and arrive back late at night.

What is included in the cost of the trip?
All trips for individuals include international airfare, insurance, lodging, meals and ground transportation. Trips for groups are priced for lodging, insurance, meals and ground transportation only.

How do I raise money for my trip?
The most effective way to raise funds for your trip is to mail out 75-100 donation letters to family, friends, church members, doctors, dentists, teachers, etc. You can also have car washes, bake sales, babysitting, etc. to raise your funds. Be sure to let your church know what your needs are.

Is the deposit applied to the cost of my trip?
Yes, your deposit is applied towards your final balance.

How much spending money should I take?
$150-$200 is sufficient. Take in small denominations. $20-$30 in one dollar bills and nothing else larger than a $20.

When does the cost of my trip have to be paid?
All accounts are due 45 days prior to departure of your trip.

How will I know who gave donations?
You will receive an update around the middle of each month showing everyone who gave and the amount.

What if I do not raise enough funds?
You can pay the balance as a “Loan” to SCORE and we will reimburse you if we receive more funds, or we will hold your funds for one year and you can travel on a trip the following year. (Please see our Policy and Procedures Manual for more information on the “Loan” process.)

Can I apply the excess funds in my account to next year’s trip?
Funds cannot be carried over from one year to another with the following exception: If a person cannot go due to lack of funds, injury, or providential circumstances, their funds are kept in an account for one year to allow travel the following year.

Can I use the excess funds in my account for spending money?
No. Due to IRS guidelines, we are not permitted to issue tax deductible donations for personal use. You can be reimbursed if you incur expense for travel to and from the departure point.

Does SCORE accept credit cards?
Yes, we can accept VISA or MasterCard.

Do I need shots?
We do not minister in remote areas, so shots are rarely needed. However, check with your local Health Department and follow their guidelines. Make sure you are up to date on your normal vaccines.

Is insurance included?
A supplemental Medical/Accident insurance is included in the cost of your trip.