SCORE Internship

An internship at SCORE International connects your passion, your skills and God’s calling for your life. Designed to provide you with opportunities to explore missions within the nonprofit sector, an internship with us not only gives you missionary experience but it also grows your faith.

It is our desire to use the Internship program as a ministry that will effectively enable us to evangelize the lost, to encourage local pastors and missionaries on the fields in which they serve, and to engage our participants in world-wide missions both now and for the rest of their lives.

Please read through all of the information that is provided below. Limited openings are available in our internship program.

Application & Acceptance

1. Each potential intern must fill out a SCORE application and send it to the Home office for review by the VP of Enlistment of SCORE International. After consultation with references, the application will be accepted or denied and notification of decision will be sent to applicant. Interns must be at least 18 years old. Special preference will be given to bi-lingual applicants.

Policies regarding SCORE Internships

• 1st year interns may serve for a maximum of one month.
• Returning interns may stay for an extended length of time based on the needs of SCORE International.
• There is always a need for translators, so bi-lingual applicants may receive special preference.
• Interns must be high school graduates in order to be considered.


• To enhance the mission and ministry of SCORE International.
• To allow the intern to experience the world of missions and missionary service.
• To engage the interns in Christian service in order to expose them to the need for missions worldwide.

Organizational Structure

Each intern will serve under and will be directly responsible to the designated Intern director who operates under the direction of the Field Director.
The Intern Director will identify, assist and supervise the activities and responsibilities of the intern.


Each intern will be completely accountable to the Intern Director as designated by the Field Director for the duration of their time as an intern.
Each intern must agree to the SCORE Statement of Faith and abide by the SCORE Statement of Conduct. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the field upon the recommendation by the Field Director to the Director of SCORE International.


Evaluation of the work of the intern will be done on a consistent basis as the Intern Director spends time with each intern. The results of these evaluations are done to help in the spiritual development of each intern. At the conclusion of the internship, an exit interview will be done by the Intern Director or Field Director. This will enable the Director to assess the overall performance of the intern. This evaluation will available in written form to appropriate parties requiring such for college credit, future employment or as references.


Each intern is responsible to raise support to cover expenses, salary (allowance) and/or fees required for educational credit. The cost for a SCORE Internship includes meals, lodging, transportation while on the field and any additional fees related to the ministry with SCORE.

Cost per person – International

  • 1 Month – $1,695
  • 6 Weeks – $2,195
  • 2 Months – $2495
  • 3 Months - $2,695
  • 4 Months – $2,895
  • 5 Months – $3,195
  • 6 Months – $3,595

The cost does NOT include International airfare. Each intern will be responsible for getting their own airline tickets.

Cost per person – Domestic

  • $50 weekly for gas
  • $110 weekly for food
  • $200 weekly for lodging
  • $15 weekly for miscellaneous expenses
  • $25 weekly for SCORE (overhead expenses)
TOTAL $400 week

Ministry Opportunities

Various ministry opportunities are available within the mission mandate of SCORE International. Interns who are in their 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th year, may request such emphasis in writing with their application.
• Missionary Partnership
• Church Planting
• Discipleship & training
• Local Church ministry
• Sports Evangelism
• Construction & Maintenance
• Dental / Medical
• Support services in Missionary Training Center
• Assist as translator (if bi-lingual)

Cultural Standards

Each intern must adapt to the culture where they serve. Many times it is necessary to adjust your Christian liberty to the culture where you serve so that others are not offended. Usually these are external standards relating to appearance. However, it may also include language, recreation, music, entertainment and associations. The field director and/or the missionary partner is responsible to inform each intern of cultural differences which may affect your effectiveness of ministry and testimony.

INTERN Application

REMEMBER: You are here for a short term, therefore YOU must adjust to the culture, not seek to change it. (The missionaries and the ministry of SCORE International will be here long after you leave!)

Contact: SCORE International for more information