GAP Year

What is GAP Year?

This is a program for High School graduates age 18-25 who will live and study in an overseas country and culture for 9 months. The program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to become cemented in their faith, growing into a fully devoted follower of Christ. While you can gain mission experience from a one or two week mission trip, GAP Year will allow you to penetrate the mission experience on a deeper level, helping you to explore God’s call on your life through mentoring, discipleship and community.

Where is GAP Year?

Score International has GAP Year programs in:
• Costa Rica
• Dominican Republic

Our admissions staff will help determine what country and program is right for you.
GAP Year features:
Classes in Spanish, theology, evangelism, and missions
• Ministry in Local Churches
• Immersion in the Hispanic Culture
• Weekly Mentorship
• Discipleship/Small Groups
• Missions Trip to a Neighboring Country (Panama, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic)


Apply for the GAP Year by completing the application and returning to our office.
An acceptance process will be conducted by our Executive Director.
Apply early, spaces fill up quickly.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition payment schedule must be followed.
Once accepted into the program, send out fundraising letters.
Your account at SCORE.

Parent Campus Visit

Parents are welcome to visit students during designated times.
• Encounter Week
• Graduation Celebration

Campus Facilities

Information about our facilities and student life.
• Free time
• Excursions