Lily House

Reaching women, one at a time!

Sharing God’s love with wounded women and their families

Lily House is a rescue ministry reaching women enslaved in the darkness of prostitution in the Dominican Republic.
We work with a team of SCORE International missionary women and Dominican women from the local churches to share the Gospel each week on streets where women are believing Satan’s lies. While young boys are encouraged to escape poverty through Baseball, young girls are pushed to prostitution. We take the Word and hygiene gifts, health information and LOVE to ladies each week. Once they decide to leave street life, they are welcomed at Lily House with their children and given the opportunity to thrive through SPIRITUAL discipleship, EMOTIONAL counseling, and PHYSICAL vocational training and needed medical care.

It takes an entire family to reach a family! Those that join our Lily House family and provide financial support are participating in the following:
• Daily Food Source (90% of women begin in prostitution to provide food for children)
• Medical Care (STD treatments and other medical needs to women & children)
• House Utilities (electric & water to keep the house running)
• Educational Materials (children of these ladies have often been abandoned and neglected and need tutoring to succeed in school)
• Dominican Missionary Staff (Staff members counsel, disciple and teach vocational courses to women & children)

Part of our conviction is that women must be empowered to work with dignity. Each participant is required to work with her hands & creativity at Lily House. Businesses have been started to provide women with a source of income, but monthly support is rarely used for this so that the women learn to become self-sustained.

Contact: SCORE International for more information

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