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Matias & Bethany Acevedo
Missionary Appointees to Uruguay

Matias Acevedo: I was born on April 11, 1985 in Montevideo, Uruguay. I grew up in a
christian family. My father was a pastor and my mother was a sunday school teacher. At
the age of 10, I became sick with leukemia. Praise the Lord, God healed me of this
sickness but Satan was attacking my family very strongly during this time. My parents
divorced, but that did not prevent my mom to continue raising us in the way of the Lord.
At the age of 12, Christ saved me, and at the age of 18, He called me to missions, since
then he has been preparing me for His work.

Bethany Acevedo: I was born on June 16, 1988 in Western NY, I grew up in a christian
family. I was saved at a young age, but began Following Christ at the age of 14. At 19
years old, the Lord began preparing me to serve him full time. I studied the bible and
learned spanish in the GAP program in Costa Rica. One year later I went to the Dominican Republic and
served the Lord in a SCORE internship program. I then later served in the DR as a missionary
for 2 years.

It wasnʼt until 2009 that we came to know each other in the Dominican Republic. I
(Matias) was visiting my cousins who were serving the Lord for a time in the DR. (They
are now serving in Panama.) We fell in Love and God was in control of everything! on
September 30, 2011 we were married and today we are serving the Lord with SCORE
International. We plan to Serve the Lord in Uruguay, but will be spending 2 years training in the Dominican Republic.

Contact Info:
Email: matiasandbethany@gmail.com

Tom & Kim Ahlgrim

Tom was born in New York and raised in Indiana. He was raised in a Christian home and attended Calumet Baptist School. He accepted Christ as his personal Savior when he was in first grade. Since graduating from Cedarville University, he has been involved in youth ministries, international ministries, sports sales and marketing. The combination of his background, experiences and passions led him to minister with SCORE International as a recruiter. His desire is to have a small part in seeing the Gospel spread throughout the world.

His wife, Kim born and raised in the Chicago, IL area. Her grandpa, Art Rorheim, is the founder of Awana Clubs International. Tom and Kim were married in 1982 and spent their first year of married life in Japan as English teachers. This was like a year long honeymoon traveling throughout Japan, Hong Kong and China. Kim is the Director of Academic Assistance at Cedarville University. Their daughter, Brianna, is majoring in nursing and minoring in Spanish at Cedarville University and plans to go into ministry overseas. She is also a Resident Director. Their son, Blake, attends Cedar Cliff High School and is on the youth group worship team.

I Thessalonians 1:3 says, “We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.” It’s exciting to take groups to Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic on missions trips to see them live this verse out in their lives.

Contact Info:
(937) 708-1701
Email: tahlgrim@gmail.com

Kiko (Henry) & Kelley Alvarez
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Henry–better known as Kiko–is based in the Dominican Republic with his wife and children working with hosting groups, and driving the buses.

Trey Bailey
VP of Ministries

Trey and Terri both grew up in Huntington, West Virginia. Trey has an undergrad degree from Marshall University and earned his masters’ degree at Temple Baptist Seminary in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Terri has an undergrad degree from West Virginia State University in Charleston, West Virginia, and a graduate degree from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Their sending church is Lewis Memorial Baptist Church of Huntington, where Dr. David Lemming is the senior pastor. They have two sons, Evan and Carson.

Trey and Terri have been missionaries with SCORE since March 2001. After both being exposed to missions during their teenage years, they went on short-term trips with SCORE while in college. During those trips, God impressed upon their hearts the need for more Christians to take a stand and do more for Him in the field of missions. Trey and Terri have an intense burden to expose more people to this need for missions. Their vision is specifically to expose youth to the foreign mission field and let God impact their hearts and lives to become more involved.

Trey currently serves as the Vice President of Ministries. He works in the home office of SCORE where he helps groups and leaders to plan and organize their trips. The Baileys also travel to many conferences and seminars across the USA to represent SCORE.

Contact information:
P.O. Box 9994
Chattanooga, TN 37412
Phone: 423-894-7111
Email: trey@scoreinternational.org

Daniel & Evi Bardales
Missionaries, Honduras

Daniel and Evi, both were born in christian families. Daniel met Jesus as his personal savior December 31, 1991 and Evi met Jesus at the age of 7 at her school. They got married on July 26, 2003. They both had the opportunity to study at Word of Life Bible Institute at Argentina for three years. Before that, they served on a local church working with youth and coordinating groups from the states in Honduras. When they returned to Honduras from Argentina, they were invited to pastor the Reborn Baptist Church since April 2009. God has backed up their calling to pastor and teaching giving the church vision and growth. Now, they continue pastoring the church and under SCORE are now serving with the planting church movement in this country. Daniel and Evi have two children. Gerson Daniel, born June 21, 2009 and Sarah Abigail born on September 27, 2011.

Salvador & Veronica Barrantes
Missionaries, Costa Rica

I was born into a Catholic home and while growing up, I believed that doing good things and being a good person would get me to heaven. In 1997 a person asked me “If I die where will I go?” Conversations that followed showed me the truth as they opened the Bible and showed me that I was a sinner based on Romans 3:23 which says, For all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. My sin separated me from God and there was nothing I could do on my own strength to get to heaven. In Ephesians 2:8-9 it says For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the Gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. I also learned that Jesus Christ came to the earth 2 thousand years ago to die on the cross because He loved me. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 At that very moment, I surrendered my life to Jesus and I accepted the precious gift of salvation. Since that day, my life has changed and now I can say I have a reason to live and know that one day I will be in heaven with God. Right now, together with my wife Veronica and our son Josue, we work as full time missionaries for Score International Costa Rica and our local church where we have a ministry with the youth in Los Guido. We are so thankful to God for all the opportunities that has been given us to serve our Heavenly Father.
I was born into a Catholic family in Argentina and very active in the church. During my childhood, I received training for competitive tennis. At the age of 13, I met a missionary from a Christian organization called Word of Life and she invited me to their activities. She explained to me that God has a gift for me, and that the only thing that I have to do was to accept it. That gift was Jesus Christ. She explained to me what He did on the cross and at that very moment I accepted Him as my personal Savior. After I accepted Jesus as my Savior, my parents got a divorce. This was a very difficult time for me but God’s love comforted and guided me through this hard time. At the age of 14, I became involved in serving God at my local church. Upon finishing high school, I chose to attend seminary at Word of Life because I wanted to serve God as a missionary. After completing seminary, I moved to Costa Rica to become a missionary with Score International. I worked with Score for 4 years, and during that time I met and became friends with a man who would later become my husband. In 2008, I had the opportunity with Score to go to Dominican Republic to serve our Lord in that country. This was a wonderful experience! During my time in Dominican Republic, my pastor from Costa Rica called me regarding a male friend and fellow worker in the ministry, Salvador Barrantes to inquire if I had feelings towards him. I explained to him that I had been praying for Salvador for the last 2 years, but he did not seem to be interested. A few days later I received a call from Salvador telling me that he loved me and would like to marry me. We started praying for God’s will for our lives… On April 11, 2009 we got married in San Jose, Costa Rica. Today, we serve God together full time at our church in San Jose, Costa Rica. We are actively involved with Score International Costa Rica and the youth from Los Guido through our local church. I praise God for everything He’s done in my life through the years.
For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things: to Him be the glory forever. Amen. Romans 11:36

Contact Information:

Greg Bartley
Greg & Candace Bartley

Greg grew up in Buena Vista, Virginia. The youngest of four children, sports was a way of life in his family. He played on a state champion football team and state tournament basketball team at Parry McCluer High School, but baseball was his first love.

Greg was exposed to alcohol at a young age, abused it, and experimented with drugs throughout high school. This lifestyle of sin continued into college at Louisburg College (N.C.) where he pitched in the Jr. College World Series and on a nationally ranked team at East Tennessee State University.

Greg was drafted by the Seattle Mariners as a pitcher at the end of his senior year in 1982. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in education that year. After successful seasons in “A” ball in 1982 and 1983, he went to play winter ball in Caracas, Venezuela. Although he played with major leaguers and fulfilled a childhood dream of playing professional baseball, he continued to abuse alcohol and drugs having no peace and searching for answers. A teammate, Lee Guetterman (a future major leaguer), witnessed to him and shared Scriptures. A few days later, Greg picked up a Gideon Bible from the hotel and read Colossians 3:23, a Scripture he had seen on the glove of a former teammate Donell Nixon while playing with him and his brother Otis at Louisburg College. In that hotel room, Greg accepted Christ as Savior and was set free from the bondage of sin.

The next season Greg met his future wife, Candace while playing “AA” ball with the Chattanooga Lookouts. Candace had been saved at the age of 12. After playing for six seasons and bouncing back and forth from “AA” to “AAA”, he retired in 1987. He taught high school for 22 years and coached baseball for 16 years. Candace has taught third grade for 19 years. Greg served as a pastor of two United Methodist Churches over six years from 2003-2009. Greg has a hunger to see souls saved and lives changed through the power and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Greg and Candace have been married for 25 years and have been blessed with three sons, Keith, Brett, and Noah.

Contact Info:
Email: gcbart22@bledsoe.net

Erik Booker
Missionary/GAP Director, Dominican Republic

I am a living testimony who understands His grace and it is the most amazing thing in the world! I went with SCORE on a mission trip to the DR and have been connected to John Zeller ever since. A different conviction came April 27th, 2008 when I felt the Lord calling me into ministry. I did not know what ministry was, but I knew it was to follow Him. I remember crying and balling my eyes out and yelling to Him that I couldn’t do it…I can’t do it…I am a wreck! Use someone with all the Sunday school pins I cried! Since then, this High School dropout has graduated from the Word of Life Bible Institute, completed a Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries from Trinity College of Florida, and received a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.
In His grace, God has now reconnected me back with my mentor John Zeller and doors have opened for me to serve with SCORE in the G.A.P. Program down in the Dominican Republic. The journey has just begun and I have relationships now with scholars who I have no business rubbing shoulders with…but God!

David Bueno
David & Marianella Bueno
Missionaries, Panama

David and Marianella were born and raised in Uruguay. Because David’s mom is a Christian, he attended church with his mom and siblings. He heard the gospel several times during his childhood but he accepted Christ as His Savior when he was thirteen years old in a sports activity at church.

Uruguay is soccer country and David wanted to be a professional soccer player. He began playing on a professional team when he was fourteen, but he left the church, making soccer was the priority in his life. At nineteen years old, David was a professional soccer player, but far away from the Lord.

Marianella grew up in a Catholic home. She knew about God and His love, but she didn´t know Jesus as her Savior and she didn´t have a relationship with Him. She met David when he was a professional soccer player. They started dating and David´s mom invited her to a special lady’s meeting at church. She heard the gospel and she understood: “I am a sinner. I need a Savior.” That day, November 5, 2000, she accepted Jesus as her Savior.

Together, they started to attend church, and David decided to serve the Lord. He still played soccer seven more years. They got married on April 20, 2002. They went to the Bible institute in Argentina (WOL) for three years, where they heard about SCORE and God lead them to serve with this ministry.

When they were planning to get married, they were grateful for God´s grace and mercy and decided to serve Him by being faithful day by day. At this time… God is leading them to follow Him in His footsteps and this is still their prayer… stay faithful, keep walking with Him daily.

After serving with SCORE in Costa Rica in 2008, they now, are in the Dominican. God called them to go serve in Panama with SCORE, and they are praying to start in 2010.

Charles & Ashley Carter
GAP Program, Dominican Republic

Charlie (or Carter) was born in Uruguay and to a missionary family where he received Christ at an early age. He learned English when he was six but spent most of his life in South America. After graduating from Word of Life Argentina (2005-2008) Charlie did a six month internship with SCORE in the Dominican Republic. Then he went to Baptist Bible College in Pennsylvania and while there he met Ashley. Ashley grew up in Scranton, PA and received Christ in her teens. After that she became interested in missions and studied at BBC where she graduated with a degree in Counseling and another in Bible. Charlie also graduated from BBC with degrees in both Bible and Communications. After graduation they married on August 1st 2010. Now they are together in the Dominican Republic following God’s call and excited to serve the LORD in the G.A.P. Year Program.

Contact Info:
Email: carters4gap@hotmail.com

Raymond & Marisol Castro
Missionaries, Costa Rica

We are very thankful for the grace that our God has given us in our lives. We were not born in Christian families, but we had our parents’ example who taught us good moral values. As we grew up we had the opportunity to get to know an organization that worked with the youth of Costa Rica through which we both got involved in a church and received Christ as our Savior during our youth. We both decided to give our lives to the Lord and serve Him full time. Because of this we went to the World of Life Bible Institute in Argentina to study His Word for three years, but during this time we were going different ways. It wasn’t until after our studies that we realized the God wanted to join our lives to serve Him as a married couple. So on February 27, 2010 we got married and by His grace we are serving Him through the ministry Score International Costa Rica. As our parents do not know the Lord, please pray for them. God Bless.

Estamos muy agradecidos por la gracia de Nuestro Dios derramada en nuestras vidas. No nacimos en familias cristianas, pero si tuvimos el ejemplo de nuestros padres que con grandes valores morales nos instruyeron. Fuimos creciendo y tuvimos la oportunidad de conocer una organización que trabaja con jóvenes en Costa Rica, mediante la cual ambos nos involucramos en una Iglesia y recibimos a Cristo como Salvador en nuestra juventud. Ambos decidimos consagrar nuestras vidas y servir al Señor tiempo completo, por lo cual asistimos al Instituto Bíblico Palabra de Vida en Argentina para estudiar Su Palabra durante 3 años, pero hasta este momento íbamos por caminos diferentes, no fue hasta después de concluir nuestros estudios que reconocimos que Dios quería unir nuestras vidas y servirle como matrimonio, por lo cual el 27 de febrero del 2010 nos casamos y desde entonces estamos sirviéndole por Su Gracia a través del ministerio de SCORE. Como detalle aún nuestros padres no han conocido del Señor por favor oren por ellos… Dios les bendiga…Raymond y Marisol

Eric & Christy Champion
Missionaires, Costa Rica

Eric is originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Christy is from Chattanooga, Tennessee. They met while attending school at Tennessee Temple University. Eric played basketball at TTU for four years while Christy was a member of the cheerleading squad for three years.

They got married in 1998 and have three beautiful children, Stone, Olivia, and Riley. The Champions are members of North Florida Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida.

For eleven years, Eric taught sophomore history, and coached varsity boy’s basketball at North Florida Christian School in Tallahassee, while Christy taught elementary ages and coached cheerleading.

The Champions surrendered to the mission field in February 2009 to work as the Assistant Field Directors of Costa Rica, and to focus on the sports ministries.

Adrienne Christian
Missionary, Dominican Republic

I currently live in Norcross, Georgia and have spent most of my life between Florida and Georgia. I grew up in a Christian family and was saved at the age of 6. While that is true, my faith and understanding of who God is and what it means to be a Christian were pretty basic until my mid to late twenties. Over the past few years, God has really challenged me in my faith by giving me the desire to learn about Him, by encouraging me to read His word, and by helping me see what it means to fully depend on Him in everything I do. I want nothing more to live fully in His will.
In 2000, I travelled to the Dominican Republic for the first time with a ministry group from college. It was during that trip that I both fell in love with missions and the Dominican Republic. It is then that I said to my mother, “This is what I want to do with my life.” Since then, God has led me back to the Dominican Republic six times over the past four years on short term mission trips, to serve in Santo Domingo, and to intern with SCORE.
As a high school Spanish teacher, God has gifted me with the ability to educate. I believe that He is leading me to use the platform of education to spread His word. I imagine that in the Dominican Republic I will find myself “educating” in a variety of ways. Whether through helping to organize various Child Sponsorship programs, tutoring children from Lily’s House, teaching Spanish to missionaries or teaching English to locals, I am sure that God has plans that are far beyond what I can imagine.
Email: acorinnechristian@gmail.com
Blog: adriennechristiandr.blogspot.com

David Conrady
National Basketball Director

David joined the SCORE staff after spending six years at the University of
Tennessee at Chattanooga working for four years as the Associate Head
Basketball Coach for the Mocs.

During his time at UTC, the program won three Southern Conference Divisional
Championships, two Southern Conference Tournament Championships, and
played twice in the NCAA Tournament.

David has been coaching at the collegiate level for more than twenty years. He is
a graduate of Furman University where he was a point guard and three year captain of the

David is joined in ministry by his wife Becky, a graduate of Mars Hill College.
Becky has spoken to women’s groups and led Bible studies throughout the southeast.

David and Becky have ministered to players, coaches, and coaches wives on
many different levels in the United States and Internationally. They have
been on mission trips to Brazil, Chile, and Peru. They recently spent time
in the Dominican Republic doing clinics and serving at local

“Becky and I are so excited to be involved with SCORE and the life
changing message they share. We look forward to the chance to introduce
young athletes and coaches to the blessings of short term mission trips,” said David.
David and Becky have two children: Andrew and FaithAnn.

Contact Information:
Email: dconrady@scoreinternational.org
Office: 423-894-7111

Tim & Ginny Craiger
Interim Field Director, Dominican Republic

Tim and Ginny Craiger have been serving the Lord with SCORE International since 1999. In 1998, Tim and their son Brandon went to Jamaica on their first SCORE sports mission trip. The following year Tim and Ginny recruited 37 athletes to go to Costa Rica and while they were there God spoke to their hearts regarding coming to SCORE for full time ministry.

They are currently splitting time between serving in the USA and in the Dominican Republic. While in the D.R., Tim serves as the Field Director there. He overseas all of the groups that come down, as well as the many missionaries that SCORE has on staff there. While in the USA, Tim and Ginny recruit athletic teams, church groups, and senior class trips to go on short-term trips with SCORE.

Tim and Ginny have been married since April of 1973. They have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. They are members of First Baptist Church of Elkhart, Indiana. They praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve in this world-wide ministry!

Contact Info:
Email: timscore@juno.com
US Cell – 574-780-3924

Sadrac & Sarah Difren
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Sadrac and Sarah Difren are missionaries with SCORE in Domincan Republic. They have been married for 3 year and have a son named Jaiden who is a year and half old. Sadrac goes out with groups and translates for them, as he speaks 4 languages…English, Spanish, Creole, and French. Their main focus on the field is working with medical groups, but when there is none, they also work with church, sports, and school groups. Sadrac is also a pastor at a local church called Juan 3:16 and has been pastoring there for about 2 years now. Sarah is a homemaker, but is very involved in the church with the young teen girls and women’s ministries and also is involved with La Leche League in Dominican Republic. She also helps out in the DR office with organizing group schedules, etc.

Contact Info:
Email: ddifren@yahoo.es

Justin & Michelle Dillard

Since concluding his college baseball career (Yavapai College, Dallas Baptist University), Justin returned home to Colorado in 2005 to begin coaching high school baseball (Regis Jesuit, Fossil Ridge, Valor) as well as begin vocational ministry in youth ministry (Colorado Ridge Church and Christian Church of Broomfield). Justin and his wife Michelle live in Thornton, CO with their daughter, Caroline and their son, Jackson. Justin currently coaches for Valor Christian High School in the spring, the Athletes in Action Mexico team in the summer, serves as the Colorado recruiter for Score International and is the Executive Director and Founder of Complete Game Ministries.

Bethany Drew
Bethany Drew
Missionary, Costa Rica

I have been tremendously blessed to grow up in a Christian home where both my parents put God first in their lives. Through my parents and my extended family I have been surrounded by positive examples of what it means to live a life with the purpose of glorifying God.

When I was five years old while sitting in the living room with my dad and younger sister I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. At this point in my life I understood that I needed Jesus Christ to enter into Heaven, but my understanding of what it meant to have a relationship with Him was very limited.
As I grew up I was involved in my church and tried to live a good Christian life, but I did not understand what it meant to really depend on God. When I was a freshman in high school my Aunt Alana, who I was very close with, died from a brain tumor. This was the first time in my life that I faced something that I could not handle on my own.

At this time God began to teach me that He wanted a relationship with me and wanted me to depend solely on Him. That summer I went on my first mission trip with SCORE International. I went to the Dominican Republic on a basketball team and God began working on my heart. I fell in love with the people, the country, and the work that SCORE was doing. I traveled with SCORE to the DR and Costa Rica for the next seven summers.

Throughout this time God called me to full time missions work SCORE International. My college years were also a great time of growth in my walk with God. I attended Grace College and through friends, professors, and staff members at the school my relationship with God and faith in Him was challenged and stretched. God has continued to mold me into the woman He desires me to be, and I am excited about the ways He will continue to do so until I go Home.

Contact Info:

Dr. Doug and Sarah Duncan
Medical Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Dr. Duncan is a Fellowship trained sports specialist, Orthopedic Surgeon and SCORE International missionary. He brings advanced arthroscopic and orthopedic reconstruction techniques alongside a deeply committed faith to Christ. After honoring a first-rate monetary contract to introduce new technology and cutting edge techniques into the Shenandoah Valley, the Lord has led Dr. Duncan and his family to the Dominican Republic. He will work with professional athletes, care for the indigent in need of health and spiritual care, penetrate difficult to reach villages, and augment church planters.

Dr. Duncan draws from pro level experience, knowledge, and technical expertise from his work with the Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers during his fellowship year in Detroit in 2010. Although serving the Lord is his first love and passion, he started his sports interest lettering in multiple sports in high school, including being named all-Metro academic player of the year in baseball in MS in 1988. He met his Godly bride, a former Naval officer and nurse, in San Diego, CA while he was preparing for his Navy flight surgery tour to the Middle East and aboard the USS Bonhomme-Richard with the US Marines.

Sarah, is a registered nurse, accomplished practice manager, faithful wife, dedicated Mom, and a loving friend to children’s and women’s ministries. Andrew at 9 and Rachel at 7 have been given a blessed heart for Christ. They are a treasure and joy, and have been allowed athletic, academic, musical, and social gifts from the Lord. The entire family shares a joy and love from Christ for the Dominicans.


Terry & JoAnne Enget
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Terry graduated from Frostburg State University with a degree in recreation. He is a business owner of a moving company, but has always had a passion for sports and for disadvantaged children. He has a worked with inner city girls coaching basketball, and has coached many different sports over the years. He took short term trips with SCORE for several years, leading a trip with over 100 kids to the Dominican where they ministered through various sports and sharing the gospel. He has a heart for helping the less fortunate and serving others.

JoAnn graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in education. She is a teacher and has worked with children of all ages as she taught for the past 16 years. She has also worked in children’s homes with abused and neglected children.

Terry and JoAnn Enget met in singles ministry at church and were married in 1997. Terry came to know the Lord at age 14 at a revival service, and JoAnn accepted Christ as her Savior at the age of 6. Early in their marriage, they felt God calling them to full time missions, but God closed the door at that time. She and Terry have taught Sunday School for both children and youth and been actively involved in their church’s ministries. They are currently members of Vandyke United Methodist Church.
Terry and JoAnn have been blessed with 4 children: a grown son, Travis, 19, and 3 children at home, Caleb, 14, Seth, 12, and Jenna Lynn, 10. Their children have enjoyed serving others through Metropolitan Ministries, Feeding Children Everywhere, and a week-long service camp through their church each summer where they go out into the community and help others. Over the past several months, they have felt God leading them again to pursue full time missions.

Over the past several months, Terry and JoAnn have felt God leading them again to pursue full time missions. They visited Score’s Pasitos de Jesus girls’ home in May and met and fell in love with the girls there. As God confirmed His call on their lives, they began the process of telling others and raising support to become full-time missionaries in the Dominican Republic. They are excited to see all that God is doing both in their own hearts lives, the hearts and lives of their children, and the hearts and lives of the girls they will serve.

Contact Info:

Email: tjenget@scoreintl.org

Jeff & April Essinger
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

When we married, almost 19 years ago, we dreamed of a simple life in Fort Payne, Alabama. Desiring a home filled with a few kids on a small farm with a few acres where the kids could roam and play… a place where we could teach them about God and life. My greatest ambition was just to be a godly wife and mother. For Jeff, it was just to provide well for his family, to be a godly husband and father. No desires of great careers or of conquering the world.


In 2005, God burdened our hearts and gave us a passion to minister to children. Since then, we have served in camp, children, & youth ministries. Christmas 2007, I (April) took my first mission trip to Haiti. A few months later, I had talked Jeff into going back with me and by year’s end we had taken all of our children on their first foreign mission trip. Going on mission trips changed our lives as we allowed God to begin to redirect our path.

We are amazed that God would choose to use ORDINARY people like us and send us to a foreign country to work for Him. We have to be honest! The word missionary itself is intimidating. We naturally put that duty right up there with pastor. We consider pastors and missionaries to be the “superstars” of the faith and tend to think God only uses the “superstars” to be used in mighty ways to make a difference in the world.

But, God is in the business of using just ORDINARY people. And because of our ordinariness, when surrendered to God, allows him to make a miracle out of our lives that only He can receive the glory for.


That’s who we are….just ORDINARY people with a passion:

By God’s grace, as followers of Christ, we seek to glorify God by having an EXTREME IMPACT for the kingdom of God.

Jeff worked in the metal joist industry for 18 years and I (April) worked for 5 years on our church’s children’s ministry staff until God began directing us to prepare for the mission field. Working and serving in the church has given us the opportunity to raise our family in ministry. We do ministry together as a family!

Jeff and April have been married since February, 1994. They are a homeschooling family and their three biggest blessings are: Justin, Alli, & Austin. Their sending church is Wills Valley Community Church in Fort Payne, Alabama. They will be serving in the Tireo Valley, Dominican Republic as SCORE missionaries.

Contact Info:

1102 Meadowbrook Road NW
Fort Payne, AL 35967
Jeff: 256-996-6029
April: 256-996-6155
Email: essingerfamily@yahoo.com

Danilo & Robyn Felix
National Soccer Director

Born and raised in Brazil, Danilo grew up in a Catholic family. He always believed in God but never had a real relationship with Jesus Christ. In 1994, he was invited to an evangelical church by a friend and became a believer in Jesus Christ after hearing the Gospel. God led Danilo to move to the United States in 2005 after the unexpected death of his mother and to be closer to his family here in the US.

Danilo joined SCORE International in 2010 and oversees SCORE’s soccer initiatives. Danilo focuses on recruiting high school and college players and teams to go on overseas mission trips. Since joining SCORE, he has traveled to the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Haiti, Panama and Argentina. Danilo also represents SCORE at NCCAA national sports tournaments, serving as a chaplain.

As part of his local ministry, Danilo serves as the chaplain of the Tampa Bay Rowdies professional soccer team as well as the chaplain of the University of South Florida’s women’s soccer team. He is also the coach of the girl’s varsity soccer team for Cambridge Christian School in Tampa.

Danilo met his wife Robyn at church and they have been married since 2008. Robyn is employed as the Media Relations Manager for the Southwest Florida Water Management District in Brooksville, FL. Their son Jackson was born in December 2011. They currently reside in Lutz, FL.

Danilo can be contacted at:

(813) 410-4228

John Fitts
Missionary, Haiti

Based in Haiti, John Fitts is the Field Director of ministry operations in Haiti. After the earthquake, SCORE responded quickly with emergency relief. Now, John is working with SCORE to implement a strategy for longterm ministry in Haiti. He leads groups, hires staff needed to run a successful trip, and coordinate all other logistics on the ground.

John’s home church is McLean Bible Church in McLean, VA.
Graduate of Liberty University in ’90 in Youth Ministries.

Gene & Miriam Fitzgerald

South East Region Recruiter

Gene was born and grew up in northern Maine. He went to Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, where he met his wife. Marian. Marian’s parents were missionaries to Japan. The Fitzgeralds spent 8 years teaching and coaching at the Christian Academy in Japan.

Gene was a basketball coach for 40 years and spend most of his time at Covenant College near Chattanooga and Trinity Christian College near Chicago. Marian recently retired from a career in elementary school teaching, most recently at Chattanooga Christian School. The Fitzgeralds have been with SCORE since 2002. Gene concentrates most of his time on recruiting college and high school athletic teams to go on short term mission trips.

Contact Info:
Email: mmgfitz@aol.com

Aaron & Amy Fourman

Mid West Region Recruiter
Aaron and Amy Fourman were married on October 16th, 2004. They both graduated from Cedarville University where they met. Amy graduated in 2002 and is employed as a teacher at Rockway School in Springfield, Ohio. Aaron graduated in 2003 and has started his own video production business with two friends from college, entitled SummitInteractive.com. Aaron went on his first SCORE trip when he was 13 and has loved the organization ever since. He has traveled to Russia, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic with SCORE many times. Amy joined him recently on a couple of trips to the Dominican to play basketball and do VBS. They both love the organization and want to get involved. They have a heart for missions, and want to see lives change. They are both currently starting up as recruiters with the sports area of SCORE and hope to be heavily involved in the organization. Aaron and Amy’s favorite part about the organization is how much the trips impact the teams that go, even more than the teams impact the people.

Contact Info:
7940 Kimmel Street
Fairborn, OH 45324
(937) 418-1865
Email: aaron@scoreinternational.org

Eddy Gil
Eddy & Nancy Gil
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Eddy Gil and his wife is Nancy are both Dominican natives that serve with SCORE in the D.R. They have three boys, Eddy, Erick, and Edrick.

In April of 1990 Eddy received Christ as his personal Savior. Nancy got saved in April of 1995. In August of 2001 the Lord called the Gil family to work in full time ministry at SCORE International. Eddy is the administrator at the Missions Ministry Center in the Dominican Republic.

Eddy counts it a privilege to have the opportunity to serve in this position among his fellow believers. It is one of the greatest pleasures the Lord has given him in his life. Nancy is an accountant and does all of the book keeping for SCORE in the D.R.

Contact Info:
Email: eddy@scoreinternational.org

Andy & Tina Gordley
Missionaries/GAP Director, Costa Rica

At the age of eight I moved with my family from Pennsylvania to Costa Rica, and eight months later to Panama. At age 14 we moved back to Costa Rica where my parents ran missions teams that came from the United States. I returned to Pennsylvania to attend Lancaster Bible College in 1992. While in college I served as a volunteer youth leader in my local church, and I also worked as the director of a youth center for about a year and a half. After that I did a discipleship internship in my home church for 2 year. In 1997 I became a full time area missionary with a para church ministry. Two families and I started a ministry to public high school kids called “Youth Link.” After about 6 years of Youth Link I became the director and continued with the ministry until turning it over to other leaders in 2010. In August of 2010 My family and I moved to Costa Rica to serve as the directors of the GAP program.

Other facts:

Graduated from Lancaster Bible College in 1997 with a degree in Bible/Christian. Education with a Youth Ministry emphasis.
Married Tina in 2000.
Taught an undergraduate class called “Discipling Youth” at Lancaster Bible college for 4 years.
Helped to develop the youth ministry area of the Institute of Biblical Enrichment (A non-credit program of Lancaster Bible Colleges.)
Graduated from Lancaster Bible and Graduate School in 2009 with a degree in Leadership Studies in Ministry.
Have 3 boys and 1 girl Elijah, Brayden, Jamin, and Summer.

Contact Info:
Andy (Sam) Gordley
GAP Year Director
A ministry of SCORE International
On Loan from American Missionary Fellowship
Email: gordosam@juno.com

Don & Deb Gordon
International Baseball Director

Don and Deb Gordon were married in 1983 and have three wonderful children, Christine (married to Casey Hefler), Andrew, and Sarah.

While serving in baseball ministry, Don is able through God’s grace to equip believers with the tools to live the Christian life while in the game so that when they retired would become more productive, serving members of their local church body and godly leaders to their families. Deb Gordon has had significant ministry with countless baseball wives in a Titus 2 role.

MINISTRY IN BASEBALL since 1991 – Serving Christ through all areas of Baseball (Players, Coaches, Umpires, Front Office, Stadium Staff), Prayer leader, Evangelism leader, Disciple & train men in sharing their faith. Baseball clinics, Chaplain to the Arizona Diamondbacks, Author: “Pro 2 Pro” monthly newsletter, Led or participated in Mission trips to 20 countries.

Don played college ball at The Citadel and University of South Carolina, and he played ten years of professional baseball with the Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Brewers. He spent countless hours with fellow ballplayers on buses, on the field and in hotel rooms, and in their homes. The lifestyle comes with much pressure and uncertainty. The game includes a wide variety of personalities, backgrounds, and religious beliefs. The issue of sin is not new but the mindset of the ballplayer is a unique one. As a part of his career he had the privilege to play ball in Latin America for 5 of the off-seasons to become deeply involved with the players that represent the Spanish-speaking world of baseball. God used this training period of his life to develop a heart for the lost, for missions, and the deep desire to build up men and their families to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through the Word of God.
Contact Info:
Email: dongordon777@gmail.com

Jeff & Cindy Hackett
Executive GAP Director/Recruiter

Jeff and Cindy Hackett were married in September 1984 after meeting in college. They both accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, Easter 1987. Since that time, they both have been actively involved at their church in various ministries including women’s, men’s, children’s and youth ministries. Jeff also served as Deacon/Trustee at his church from 1995-2000. After working as a consultant in the Drainage & Landscape industry for 18 years, Jeff answered God’s call to enter full-time ministry in 2000 as youth pastor at his home church (The Chapel, Buffalo, New York). During his first year, Jeff took a group of 45 teenagers and adult leaders to the Dominican Republic on a short-term missions trip. It was on that trip that God planted a seed in Jeff’s heart to have a passion for missions. Over the next 4 years, God cultivated that passion through several more trips to the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

November 1, 2004 Jeff came on board with SCORE International as a full-time missionary and Northeast Representative. Jeff’s responsibilities include recruiting, teaching, training, traveling and hosting church groups and sports teams on short-term mission trips. God has put a passion in Jeff’s heart for connecting the local church to the vision for missions. This vision is not only the foreign mission field, but also the mission field where each one of us lives daily. Jeff and Cindy’s hope is that people of all ages within the church would actively engage in missions and that God would raise up laborers because “the fields are white for harvest.”

Jeff and Cindy reside in the Buffalo area with their three children: Justin (21), Ashley (19), and Bethany (15).

The Hackett’s desire is that they continue to be challenged and used by God as He shapes & molds them for His purpose.

Contact Information:
5227 Genesee Street
Bowmansville, NY 14026
716-684-7247 home
716-579-2308 cell
Email: jeff4score@roadrunner.com

Ben Hand
Church Plant Missionary, Dominican Republic

I was born in 1991 and grew up in Western New York. I placed my trust in Jesus Christ at a young age when I learned of my own sinfulness and heard of Christ’s love and forgiveness through His death and resurrection. Praise God that He provided a solid local church to disciple and guide me as I grew up. On my first SCORE mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 2008, the Holy Spirit confirmed in my heart a calling as a shepherd of God’s people. My local church affirmed this as I returned home and served faithfully.
I was sent off to Word of Life Bible Institute for 2 years of training and finished my degree at Lancaster Bible College. I faithful served two churches while at college and interned during the summers. God used a summer internship with SCORE to direct my path to serve in the Dominican Republic as a church-planting pastor. I am current serving and interning for ordination at my home church as I continue my training.
Contact Info:
Email: benhand@scoreintl.org

Ryan & Megan Hansen
Missionaries, Dominican Republic/Honduras

Ryan grew up in Elkhart, Indiana and was saved at the age of 17. He recognized his call to missions shortly after. He received his Biblical education from Word of Life Bible Institute in both New York and Argentina. Megan grew up in Fayette, OH and was saved at the age of 14 at a Christian camp. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and also graduated from Word of Life’s Bilingual Bible Institute in Argentina. The Hansen’s were married on February 3, 2007 and have two children, Lia Grace Hansen was born on December 2, 2010 and Andru James Hansen was born on May 16, 2013. Their sending church is First Baptist Church Elkhart, Indiana.

We have served with SCORE International in the Dominican Republic since 2008 (Ryan as a single missionary, since 2003). We will be moving to Honduras, Lord willing, in the spring of 2014 to assist in church planting and church mobilization. We will continue serving under the ministry of SCORE in partnership with Born Again Baptist Church of San Pedro Sula. It is our desire to bring resources to national pastors and to see the local church actively involved in the great commission.

Contact Info:
Email: ryan@scoreinternational.org

Gus Hernandez
Gus & Ileana Hernandez
Highlands Camp Director, Dominican Republic

Camp Director for Highlands Complex, Dominican Republic

After coaching baseball the last three years for Tennessee Temple University Crusaders, Gus and his wife Ileana joined Score International as Missionaries to the Dominican Republic in August of 2009. They will be moving to the Dominican Republic in the spring to serve the Lord in the Rawlings Foundation Highlands Complex located in Boca Chica. Gus will be the Director of the youth camps and oversee the Score International baseball operations in the Dominican Republic. Ileana will be serving in the camp, women and children’s ministry.

Gus and Ileana were both born in Cuba. Their families left the island in the late sixties, and relocated to Miami, Florida. They met in 1977 while attending Miami Senior High School. They have been married for 29 years and have two married children, son Agustin Jr. and his wife Barbara and daughter Anaely and her husband Jonathan Johnson. Their home town in the U.S is Ringgold, GA, and they are members of Silverdale Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN.

The Lord blessed the Hernandez’s while they served in the ministries of Westwood Christian School in Miami, FL, Tennessee Temple University and Silverdale Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN, and they are excited to share God’s message of love in the Dominican republic and experience God’s future blessings.

Contact Info:
Email: gmh.highlandsdr@gmail.com

Will & Alejandra Herndon
Missionaries, Argentina

Will and Alejandra have served in Argentina since 2000. They joined SCORE in 2013 and are living in Córdoba. They are passionate about not only sharing the Gospel, but challenging every believer to see his circle of influence as their mission field. The best thing this side of heaven is combining evangelism, sports and asado in one event!
Contact Information:

Nathan & Erica Jude
Missionaries/Lily House Director, Dominican Republic

The Judes have been working in the Dominican Republic since 2006 as churchplanters & women’s ministry coordinator.
They have 2 daughters, Mali & Brinkley, who bless their lives.

Contact Info:
Email: judemissions@hotmail.com

Sarah Labriel
Missionary, Costa Rica

Carlos and Sarah Labriel were married November 10, 2012. Sarah has been a SCORE missionary since 2006 and Carlos is in the application process with SCORE.

Their testimonies are filled with the faithfulness of God through death and adversity. Their love story is one they like to call, “God-sequence,” which all started back in 2000 when Sarah witnessed to Carlos after winning a game of one-on-one of basketball. At that time Carlos loved basketball more than God and choose to live a life of playing professional basketball in Guatemala, his home country. Ten years later the seeds that Sarah had planted in Carlos’ life had been watered greatly by the Lord and Carlos accepted Christ as his only Saviour. The Holy Spirit has done a marvelous work and continues to form Carlos into the man of God this family needs. Presently both are ministering with Sports Ministry in Costa Rica. Sarah as an official SCORE missionary and Carlos as a partner of SCORE until all the steps of the application process are finalized. Carlos also is attending Bible School, he has a call to pastor in the future.

Their two kids are Mattias and Layla.

Robersy & Sarah Lara
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Robersy & Sarah Lara, Missionaries to Dominican Republic
Robersy – As any typical Dominican boy, baseball was my LIFE from a very young age. I slept, ate and breathed baseball, still… I knew something was missing. After being given a contract with the Cincinnati Reds and a month to strengthen my swing I headed back to my hometown of Bani to get ready for a life full-filling my dreams. However, during that month I was invited to attend a baseball game where the Gospel was preached. In that moment, I realized what was missing from my life. It was Jesus Christ. Since that day when I surrendered my heart to Christ priorities have changed! Baseball is still a great passion of mine, but Christ is my EVERYTHING. I gave up my dream of playing baseball professionally and decided to use my passion for baseball to win souls for Christ.
Sarah – Born and raised in Bermuda, I never dreamed that I would serve God in the Dominican Republic. However, my heart has been mission-minded from a very young age. I was always interested in men and women who risked their lives for the Gospel, and I prayed that God would use me in a mighty way too! To prepare myself in the Word of God, I studied English and Missions at Pensacola Christian College.
In 2008 a door opened for me to serve in the Dominican Republic for a year, where I fell in love with the country, the people and also a Bible club leader named, Robersy Lara. We were married on April 6th, 2013.
From 2009 until 2013 God truly worked on our hearts and strengthened our faith in Him and led us to ministry with Score International. As doors continue to open, we praise God for preparing us to use baseball and discipleship to win souls for Jesus Christ and train up men and women for His glory!

Contact Information
Robersy – 829-206-6571
Sarah – 809-330-7575
Email: rslara13@hotmail.com

John & Rebekah Lovell
Student Life Directors, GAP Program, Costa Rica

John and Rebekah are from Woodstock, GA, and have served as the Student Life Directors for GAP Costa Rica for the second year. They have been married 5 years and are expecting their first child, a son, this June. Their passion for and involvement with the high school and college ministries at First Baptist Woodstock led them to GAP Year where they mentor and disciple the students while being active in the community with a new church plant and their Spanish small group. John teaches many Bible Classes including Apologetics, 1st Corinthians, Evangelism, Inductive study, World Religions, and more. He also pastors the villa’s Sunday night services with student-led worship and leads the guys in small group and in one-on-one mentoring. Rebekah leads two girls small groups and mentors girls one-on-one while helping facilitate service projects with partnering organizations.
John ‘s background as a soldier in the U.S Special Operations, education from Georgia State University, vocational experience in business, and passion to preach, affords a broad world perspective that is firmly rooted in Biblical Truth.
Contact Info:
Email: john.b.lovell@gmail.com
Email: rebekah.r.lovell@gmail.com

Keith & Sharon Madison
National Baseball Director

After retiring in 2003 from coaching baseball at the University of Kentucky for 25 years, Keith served on two missiontrips with SCORE International in the Dominican Republic and realized God was calling him into the sports ministry mission field. Sharon has also made this transition with Keith to SCORE. She ministers to coaches’ wives, writes the newsletter, keeps their home office running smoothly, and helps with Keith’s E-mail devotionals.

Keith feels blessed as he reaches out to hundreds of college and high school baseball coaches through his biweekly devotions. He spends most of his days ministering to coaches either over the telephone or in person. Since 2004, Keith has spoken to thousands of coaches and players in 14 states and the Dominican Republic. God has blessed the Madisons with many opportunities to share His Message of love and reconciliation.

Keith has also been inducted into many Halls of Fame.

University of KY Hall of Fame in 2005

KY high school Athletic Hall of Fame in 2006.

American Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame in 2007

Contact info:
305 Drake Lane
Wilmore, KY 40390
Email: keith@scorebaseball.org
Email: sharon@scorebaseball.org

Manolo & Valeria Madrigal
Missionaries, Costa Rica

Information needed

Sam Marsonek
Associate, SCORE International Baseball

Sam Marsonek – Director of Player Development & 18u Head Coach

Sam is a Tampa native, playing high school ball at Jesuit HS from ‘94-’96 where he helped win a state title, and lead the Tigers to national rankings all three seasons. After his senior year, he was selected in the 1st round of the MLB draft and began his professional career in Pulaski, Va. At the conclusion of the ‘99 season with the Rangers, he was traded to the NY Yankees for Chad Curtis. After his 6th season with the Yankees, he finally got called up July 8, 2004 and debuted 2 days later against the Rays. He pitched 1.1 innings surrendering 0 runs. However a journey that took nine years to reach the top, came to a crashing halt while boating during the all-star break just 2 days after his debut. The injury kept him out the rest of 2004. He returned to AAA Columbus in 2005 but struggled mightily. In ‘06 he signed with the Chicago Cubs, but shoulder surgery in spring training sidelined him for the remainder of the season. In ‘07, he signed with the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League, in hopes of making a full recovery. After finally getting back to form in 2008, he was signed by the Washington Nationals but released at the end of spring training. It was that spring where he realized Gods call on his life, to pour into young ballplayers…SCORE International Baseball is now the result of that calling. Sam resides in Land O’ Lakes with his family, Kristen and daughter McKenna.


Dave & Debbie Marvin
VP of Enlistment & Enrichment

Dave and Debbie Marvin both grew up in Christian homes in Columbus, Indiana. The church they grew up in was Berean Bible Church. Both Dave and Debbie surrendered their lives to full-time Christian service in their high school years. Dave graduated from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee with a degree in Bible. Debbie also graduated from Bryan with a degree in elementary education. Dave went on to graduate with a degree from Grace Theological Seminary in Indiana.

The Marvins have 15 years experience in pastoral ministry. Dave has served as a youth pastor, associate pastor, as well as a senior pastor of a local church. Before coming on with SCORE, the Marvins served as missionaries with Word of Life for six years. Dave and Debbie joined with SCORE in 2004. Dave currently serves as Vice President of International Ministries.

Dave and Debbie have 4 children. Jennifer serves at First Baptist Church in Elkhart, Indiana. Lori serves as a teacher, coach, and Assistant Athletic Director at Elkhart Christian Academy. Eric is married and is finishing his work at Indiana University. Matt is still at home and in High School.

Marvin Newsletter – May 2012

Contact Info:
Email: djmarvin@scoreinternational.org

Shea & Rachel Massengale

Shea and Rachel Massengale joined the SCORE staff in December 2010 to continue working in sports evangelism.

Previously, Shea and his family served with the International Mission Board for the three years in Krakow, Poland, with their main focus in ministry being sports evangelism.

Shea, and his wife Rachel, spent a majority of their youth playing many different sports, but little did they know that God would someday use this love to reach athletes with His Gospel.

High school sweethearts, Shea and Rachel married while attending Middle Tennessee State University. After graduating, Shea began his career as a golf course superintendent and Rachel as a dental assistant. After many years, God opened the door for Shea to switch careers and begin teaching and coaching.

During this time, the Massengales traveled on several short-term trips to Romania, and they began to feel God’s leading to full time ministry. In early 2006 they joined IMB, and served in Krakow.

God opened many doors as Shea helped start a baseball team (the first in
Krakow), coach two basketball teams, and an American-style football team.
God used this passion to not only help these athletes get better, but to
draw them to Himself

God also used Rachel to reach many of these athletes, although much of Rachel’s
time is spent raising their three children, McKenna, Philip , and
Claire. However, being a mother allowed Rachel to minister to many young mothers while in Krakow as well as to start a local women’s ministry.

The Massengales are excited to be a part of SCORE International and look
forward to sharing the transforming power of Jesus Christ with many

Noel & Mary Mata
GAP Teachers, Costa Rica

Noel met Christ as his Savior at the Emanuel Baptist Church in Hatillo, San Jose, Costa Rica in 1982. Six months later, he entered in the Emanuel Church Bible Institute where he studied the Bible for three years. Mary met Jesus Christ as her personal Savior at the Emanuel Baptist Church in Hatillo, San Jose, Costa Rica, during an evangelistic campaign in 1984.

In 1989, the Lord called the Matas to serve Him full time with Word of Life in Costa Rica. Being in that ministry, they had the opportunity to go to study for one year at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. Noel and Mary served with Word of Life in Costa Rica for five years until 1993. For the next 13 years the Mata family served God at the El Lugar Church, just outside of San Jose.

In 2006, the Lord guided Noel and Mary toward Score International where they are now doing ministry with the GAP Program and with the groups that come on short term trips with SCORE.

Noel and Mary have three precious daughters: Rebeca, born in 1985, is currently studying at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. She met Jesus in 1990 when she was five years old. Noelia, born in 1989, met Jesus in 1996 at the age of seven. Ruth, born in 1993, met Jesus in 1998 at the age of five.

Contact Info:
Email: nomago13@yahoo.com

Craig & Joanna McClure
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Craig grew up in the Northeast Georgia mountains in Hiawassee, GA and was saved by the sovereign grace of God at the
age of 12. Joanna grew up in the mountains of Monterrey, Mexico, where her dad was a pastor and became a believer
when she was just a young girl. After spending almost all of her life in Mexico, Joanna’s family moved to Hiawassee. When Joanna came to school for the first time to finish her 8th grade year, her and Craig met for the first time at 14 years old. Amazingly, Craig was in the school office with his mom when he first saw Joanna he told his mom, “You see that girl, that’s my wife, I’m going to marry that girl.” Following a couple years of trying to convince Joanna this was a divine revelation and not psychosis they began dating at 16 and by graduation the couple both sensed God’s call to international missions.

God’s undeniable calling on their life led Craig to earn a B.A. in Spanish and Joanna to become an RN with a BSN in
Nursing. Following college Craig took a teaching job at Towns County High School and also coached baseball while
Joanna worked as an RN at the local hospital. After getting married on June 24, 2004 God quickly reminded them of His
call a few years earlier and Craig resigned from the school to surrender to full-time ministry and seminary.

Since entering the ministry Craig and Joanna have been in the refining fire of God’s wisdom and grace as He was and is
preparing them for the ministry set before them. In 2007 they were given a rare opportunity to relocate to First Baptist
Church Woodstock where they entered a residential ministry under the leadership of Pastor Johnny Hunt. Their two years
at Woodstock were years devoted to the development of personal character and integrity as well as learning the
importance of loving one another the way Christ loved the Church. A realization that one’s primary ministry is not to
minister to others but to allow God to minister to you and then you to ministry to your spouse and then united in Christ
as one flesh the couple ministers to others.

They have traveled to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Haiti, Costa Rica and Peru. They have have a passion to reach the lost and to not just love on them, but to share the gospel with them, no matter the cost. Following almost 10 years of praying and trusting the Lord that in His perfect timing He would send them to fulfill the desires of our hearts, God has now opened the door to engage the nation of the Dominican Republic for their joy and Christ’s glory and they praise Him for the opportunity to serve Him through SCORE International.

Contact Info:
Email: craig@relentlessgrace.org
Email: joanna@relentlessgrace.org

Margaret Morris
Intern Supervisor, Dominican Republic

Margaret grew up in a Christian home in Birmingham, Alabama. She attended Samford University and graduated with a degree in education. She married Jan Lloyd Morris in 1970.

After teaching one year in the public school system, she knew God was calling her into full time ministry. Over a 30 year span, she was blessed to serve as a student minister in three amazing churches.

After the death of her husband, God began to redirect her ministry and gave her a passion for international missions, especially for the Dominican people. Her first trip to the Dominican Republic was in 2002 and she continued to bring groups to the Dominican Republic for 8 years. In the summer of 2007, she served in the internship program in the Dominican Republic.

Following her internship, Margaret returned home to care for her ailing mother, while also serving as the Congregational Care Minister for Westmeade Baptist Church.

In January of 2011, she will return to the Dominican Republic as part of the Score staff, working as the Dominican Republic Internship Coordinator.

Margaret is blessed with three children and eight grand children.

Contact Information:
Email: marge1948@aol.com

Brian & Emily Mosley
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Brian; I grew up in a Christian home supported heavily by Christian morals and growing up giving my heart to Jesus, and living my life for him. I have been on several short term missions trips in the USA and overseas such as Bolivia. I have a construction company that is based strictly on Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! I’ve had my struggles and failures, but through my weakness God has shown me my Strength!!
Emily; I grew up in a Christian home as well, except I struggled a little more. I didn’t want to get to know Jesus right away, basically because I didn’t understand who he was. My grandfather died a tragic death when I was younger, but to this day he left such an impact on my life. He was an amazing Christian, and I wanted to be just like him. I got saved at a play called Judgment House, and that was the best feeling I have ever had. My father was with me, and when I got saved I looked up and he was crying just as much as I was. I have never felt as free in my life as I did right there in that moment. Through the years I struggled but then I met Brian. He kept coming through my line in Menards where I was a cashier, and I finally asked him out! On our first date he took me to church, and I am so blessed because he brought me back to the Lord! It’s a true honor to serve our Lord.
On July 31, 2010 we got married at Mt. Tabor Church where we are currently members. We joined SCORE in 2011 and are currently raising money to go to the Dominican Republic. We are the owners of Pine Valley Construction in Circleville, Ohio.
In 2011 our lives changed even more for the Lord. We took a short term mission trip through SCORE international, to the Dominican Republic. Brian put on new roof for a well deserved church in three days! He grew to love the natives. Some of them, who never knew what a hammer was, got up to help him and Caleb put on the roof. It was amazing. Emily helped in the Medical clinics. Her life changed the very first day when a young man came in with two fingers cut off because someone tried to murder him for money. The only thing she could do was hold his hand and tell him it was going to be okay, because she’s not a doctor, and that’s where God wanted her. She was outside crying on a friends shoulder when they were working on his fingers. A little native girl came up with a flower, a little girl with nothing but love, gave her a flower hoping she would stop crying. And it did. From that moment on we fell in love with the natives even more! On the first day 20 natives came to know Christ! Imagine what we could do over a longer time period!
We got back to the United States, and it hit us that we are meant to be in the Dominican Republic. That’s where God wants us; that is where he can use us the most. So we have been working to raise support and prayer support to get back down there and to bring more lives to Christ our Savior!!
Brian will be working Construction missions, as well as working on the SCORE complex. Emily will be working medical clinics and the Lily House. She hopes one day to open an abandoned race track one day that is in the Dominican Republic, because she grew up drag racing. She got diagnosed with Epilepsy back in 2005, and she could no longer race anymore and she couldn’t figure out why this happened. Now she knows. It’s because we are both meant to be in the Dominican Republic helping others who need love, support, food, medical, and most of all Jesus’ love! -Gods Will Done In Gods Way Will Never Lack Gods Supply-!
Thank you & God Bless
Brian and Emily Mosley

Email: brianemilymosley@yahoo.com

Bob & Anna Nilsen
Medical/Dental Director, Dominican Republic

Bob is currently serving as the coordinator for the Medical/Dental ministries in the Dominican Republic.

Bob and Anna were married in 1972 and have two faithful children, as well as three grandchildren. Bob and his wife Anna have been active in the church and serving the Lord for more than 31 years in a multitude of roles that God has been pleased to place them in, including: Church planting, pastoring, teaching, counseling, medical missions, among others.

Bob has more than 30 years of emergency medical experience as an EMT and RN at major metropolitan facilities. Bob holds numerous national certifications: QMRP; ACLS; PALS; TNCC; EMT.

In addition Bob has completed his doctorate in Theology.

Bob and Anna have been serving with SCORE since 2001.

Their home church is Greenville Grace Brethren Church, Greenville, OH.

Contact Information:
Dominican Republic
Bob: 809-953-7956
Anna: 829-207-1076
Email: bobananilsendr@yahoo.com

Frank & Jo Ogle
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Frank and Jo grew up in homes where they were taken to church, faithfully. Frank was convicted of sin and accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord at the age of 18, after his mother’s death. Jo prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior at age 10 during Vacation Bible School in North Carolina.

After moving to Tennessee, she and Frank met and grew to know one another during their student ministry years. Frank and Jo have been married for over 31 years and are blessed with five children and two grandchildren.

Being married in 1978, they have both faithfully served in Children’s ministries, AWANA, taught Youth Sunday School, College Sunday School and Adult classes, along with a ministry to young boys without dads, and an FCA Baseball ministry.

Frank and Jo have been a part of missions by giving and going since their teen years to both Home and Foreign Mission trips in S. Dakota, Arizona, Michigan, Venezuela, and now the Dominican Republic. Three of the Ogles first attended missions with SCORE in 2006 when the FCA baseball team came to the DR on missions. The Lord pierced their hearts for full-time missions then, and solidified it when Frank was able to attend in 2008, and then brought the rest of the family in 2009. When returning back to the States, they knew they were NOT home.
After approval by the SCORE, International Board, they publicly (formally) surrendered to the call of missions in the Dominican Republic. What was once called a foreign missions to them will soon be called HOME. Their home church is Tri Cities Baptist Church in Gray, Tennessee.

Ken & Jennifer Perkins
Missionaries, Costa Rica

Ken and Jennifer both grew up in Christian homes, where they both accepted Christ at young ages. They attended Liberty University where Ken earned a degree in Biblical Studies and Jennifer earned a degree in Sports Management. Both played soccer and Ken continued to coach for five years after graduation.

While coaching, Ken spent his summers working at a Christian wilderness outfitter in West Virginia called Liberty Expeditions. For ten years Ken worked at L.E. and after marrying in 1998, the Lord called him and Jennifer to continue the ministry in West Virginia together.

After leaving Liberty Expeditions, God moved them into local church ministries in Christiansburg, Virginia and Huntsville, Alabama, working with youth and college students.

The Perkins’ currently live in Huntsville, Alabama with there five children: Mackenzie, Micah, Sienna, Sydney, and Trey. They are excited about helping SCORE develop its soccer program while also leading sports teams overseas.

Jose & Gaby Prado
Missionaries, Costa Rica

Jose was born in Costa Rica. He was involved in sports and politics but the Grace of God saved him in 1984. After that, he went to study the Word of God at Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. There, he met Gaby, and they got married in 1992. Gaby was born in Argentina, and accepted Christ as her Savior in 1980. Jose and Gaby have three beloved daughters, Melanny, Michelle, and Melissa. The Prados served the Lord with Word of Life Costa Rica for 10 years. They now we have the challenge to continue sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with SCORE International.

Jose now serves as the Director of Group Ministries, Costa Rica for SCORE. He and Gaby plan, organize, and lead all of the short-term groups that travel to Costa Rica with SCORE. Jose also directs the full staff of missionaries in Costa Rica.

Contact Information:
Jose – Email: jose@scoreinternational.org
Gaby – Email: scorecr@racsa.co.cr

Aby & Gladys Prado
Missionaries, Costa Rica

Missionaries to Dominican Republic

Abyzhadwl (Aby) Prado was born in Costa Rica in 1966. He went to Argentina in 1987 to study the Word of God at Word of Life Bible Institute, where also he received Christ. He married Gladys Justo in 1990 and went back to Costa Rica where he served for 11 years with Word of Life Ministries. During that time, God started to show the Prado family the need of planting churches in places where no one else was working. Since 2001, the Prados have been planting local churches and discipling believers through classes at the Bible Institute, radio programs, materials, conferences, camps, etc.

Gladys Justo was born in Argentina. When she was 8 she received Christ as Saviour. She grew up in a Christian home, and went to WOLBI in Argentina to study in 1988. While at the bible Institute, she met Aby. They got married and she went with him to serve the Lord in Costa Rica. God has blessed them with two children, Joel who is 18 years old, and Sophya who is 16.

They have being serving God as full time missionaries for the last 17 years now, always partnering with SCORE.

Contact Information:
Email: apradog@scoreinternational.org

Bernie & Jackie Rogan

Born and raised in Staten Island, New York. Lives with his wife, Jackie, in Port Richey, Florida. I was told years ago that God has a plan for my life (Jeremiah 29:11). Looking back, I am amazed at how God has linked together my paths leading to my ministry with SCORE International.

Growing up, golf was a big part of my life, which led me to become a tour caddy on the Ladies Professional Golf Tour (LPGA). In 1980, a LPGA player named Julie Pyne led me to the Lord Jesus Christ by showing me what God’s word, the Bible, has to say about my condition as a sinner and my need for a Savior.

In 2002, I met SCORE co-director, John Zeller, when I was the clubhouse and equipment manager for the Tampa Yankees. John is the team chaplain for the Tampa Yankees. In 2009, I went on my first mission trip with SCORE to the Dominican Republic with their Baseball Outreach. That trip impacted my life beyond my wildest imagination.

Realizing other people’s lives can be impacted for Christ as well is exciting to me. I am currently recruiting others to experience a short-term mission trip with SCORE International, as well as helping to develop and maintain local ministries with John Zeller. Those ministries include chapels and Bible Studies (including chapel for the Tampa Yankees – imagine that!) I am also directing and assisting 3-4 short-term overseas mission trips per year.

Our God is an awesome God! To Him be the Glory! 1 Corinthians 2:9

Contact Info:
Email: bernie@scoreinternational.org

Dave & Stephanie Sekura

Mid West Region Recruiter

Dave joined the SCORE team in March of 2009 as a recruiter. For nineteen years he directed the NACA National Tournaments in Dayton, TN, as well as summer camps for Fort Bluff Camp. Dave also taught the Auditorium Bible Class at Calvary Baptist Church in Red Bank for the past 14 years.

Dave is a graduate of Pensacola Christian College where he was a four-year starter for the Eagles basketball team. He also played seven seasons for the Crossfire Ministries basketball exhibition team who play a college schedule including the annual ACC All-Star Classic in April.

Crossfire plays abroad as well sharing the gospel at half-time of their games. His tours overseas as a player now motivate him to take young people to the mission field where they can enjoy the same life-changing experience in sports ministry through SCORE International. Dave’s partner in ministry is his beautiful wife Stephanie Vipond, whom he married in 1992. They have one daughter, Allison, who was born in 1999.

Gerrod & Nikki Speer

Gerrod joined SCORE International as the Northeast Baseball/Basketball/Soccer Recruiter in 2010. While pursuing a Masters’ degree in Sports Management from SUNY Cortland, he worked in AAA Baseball with the Syracuse Chiefs and in Division I Men’s Basketball and Football with Syracuse University. Gerrod has always had a passion for sports and for working with the youth, and began to realize that God was directing him to sports ministry. In addition to full-time missionary work with SCORE, Gerrod serves as the Director of an International Refugee Soccer League (also known as S.U.S.A.) in Syracuse, NY, and also coaches youth basketball and football.
Gerrod and his wife Nikki both grew up just south of Albany, NY. While in college, Gerrod played baseball at the Division III and Division I level. He played as a starting third baseman in the Division III College World Series in 1996. Nikki received her undergrad degree in NY, and she is a published writer. She has a passion for working with teen girls and young mothers. Their sending church is Northside Baptist Church of Liverpool, NY where they have been members and served in ministry since 2006.

Serving with SCORE International in Nov. 2009 was such a blessing, and it changed my life forever. My wife and I have a heart for people and the need for worldwide missions,” said Gerrod.
Matthew 28:19 says, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”. This is a command from God to all Believers, not a statement that just applies to some of us. Whether it is crossing the street in your neighborhood or crossing an ocean to a foreign land, people need Christ.
“Nikki and I are so excited to be a part of the SCORE family, and the life
changing message they share. We look forward to the chance to introduce
young athletes, coaches and their families to the blessings of short term mission trips.”

Gerrod and Nikki have three children: Colin, Savannah & Emma

Contact Info:
Email: gerrod@scoreinternational.org

Mike & Casey Tabor
Field Director, Costa Rica

Mike is a second generation missionary who was saved at the age of eight years old. He attended Clearwater Christian College, Clearwater, FL and latter served as a youth pastor in Findlay, OH.
In Findlay, Mike meet his wife Casey, who was the director of CEF(Child Evangelism Fellowship) in Hancock and Hardin Counties. They were married in 1995 and six months after felt a calling to be missionaries in Costa Rica

Mike and Casey have had the privilege of serving the Lord for 14 years in the country of Costa Rica. They have been involved with pastoring, church planting, leadership training, children and youth camps, VBS and christian education. They have four children: James (14), Jonathan (13), Ellen (11) and Alicia (7).

Mike became acquainted with Score through Ron Bishop after speaking in one of the chapel at the Christian School. After that meeting Mike became involved with some of the events that Score was doing such as Kosmos, the Gap Program, and out reach ministries.

Mike and Casey count it a blessing to now be a part of Score as Field Director in Costa Rica. They are expecting to do great things to give God all the Glory.

Ceferino & Narcisa Tolentino
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Medical Missionary for Dominican Republic

Steve & Marissol Theis
Missionaries, Brazil

Marissol and I have been serving with Word of Life for the last 26 years. We have served for 22 years in Brazil and the last 4 years in Costa Rica. Now as we head back to Brazil we are excited about the opportunities of ministry that are opening up in Brazil with SCORE International.
Steve Theis: In 1963, my parents George and Joan Theis went to Brazil as missionaries with Word of Life. In 1968 my mother led me in the sinner’s prayer and by faith I received God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. In 1970 at a camp meeting where my father was preaching I said to Jesus here is my life use it as you like.
Marissol Theis: I was born into a partially Christian family in Recife, Brazil. My mother (Anna) was saved but my father (Umberto) to this day has not surrendered to Christ. When I was 13 years old as my pastor gave the invitation for salvation I went forward and received God’s gift of forgiveness of sins through Jesus. In 1993 enrolled in the Word of Life Bible Institute in Recife, Brazil. That was where I met Steve and we were married in 1995.
We have three lovely daughters, Jessica-1997, Amanda-1999 and Melissa-2001.

In SCORE, we will be helping the Local Churches across Brazil by networking them with Churches in the USA who will provide construction, ministry, sports and medical teams. Our desire is to help motivate Americans and Brazilians to see God’s heart for WORLD MISSIONS!
We also have a vision for year around camps for needy public school students. By sharing the gospel first with the students and then with their families we want to reach their community for Christ. Our goal is to see these families attending a Bible believing church. We will be strategically located in a city called São Jose dos Campos. This city is an hour away from São Paulo a city of over 20 million people. It is amazing what the Lord is doing! In June one of SCORE’s ministry partners will be going to Brazil. Their plan is to look at a camp in São Jose dos Campos with possibility of purchasing this location to share the good news of Christ.

Please Pray:
1. Sale of our house in Costa Rica.
2. Support during these next few months with moving expenses and monthly expenses.
3. Daughters, Jessica, Amanda and Melissa as they leave friends and comfort zone. Pray for their schooling in Brazil!
4. Possibilities of partnering with a foundation that is taking to steps to buy a camp in São Jose dos Campos. 45 minutes outside of São Paulo.
5. World Cup 2014 and Summer Olympics 2016 are right around the corner.
Pray for church groups that will be coming to minister in Brazil and that many souls might be reached with the gospel of Christ and that the local church might grow through these efforts.

November Prayer Letter

Contact Information:
For Questions call: 518-623-0700
# Forwarded to Mobile
Skype: stevetheis
Email: stevetheisbra@gmail.com
Email: marissoltheis@hotmail.com

Mark & Lauren Thomas

Mark Thomas joined SCORE International as a basketball recruiter in central Ohio in 2011. He grew up on the south side of Columbus and accepted Christ as a young teenager. He has a passion for helping kids better their lives through sharing the Gospel. Mark attended Ohio State – Newark Campus in 2008 where he met his wife, Lauren. He played basketball there for two years. He then went on to play in the American Basketball Association (ABA) with the Columbus Crush for a year before being called to serve with SCORE International. They now organize basketball events to reach out to people and get them more interested in going on a short-term mission trip.

Contact Info:
Mark: 614-203-1180
Lauren: 740-739-8210

Email: Mark.Thomas03@yahoo.com

Manny & Olga Tucen
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Manny was born in Dominican Republic on January 16, 1982. He received Christ through a SCORE missionary when he was 16 years old. From that moment forward he dedicated his life to be trained in the Word of God and serve Christ in church planting.

God has used Manny to start more than 10 churches. Currently he is a missionary of SCORE International and the pastor of one of these new congregations. Together, with other missionaries of SCORE, he is dedicated to planting churches and teaching the Bible in Dominican Republic.

Manny married Olga in November 2008. She serves with women ministries and leads children’s Sunday School in the church.

Contact Information:
Email: mannytucen@hotmail.com

Dan & Ruth Uttley

Dan was born to missionary parents who served for twenty-five years in Haiti. He learned Creole before English–missions is in his blood. He attended Word of Life, received Child Evangelism Fellowship training, and attended The King’s College for a degree in Elementary Education, also meeting his wife, Ruth.

Dan and Ruth were saved young and raised in Christ centered homes. They were married in March 1983, shortly after Dan became a local director for Child Evangelism Fellowship. Dan and Ruth both got their MA degrees in teaching from SUNY Geneseo. In 1991, they moved to the Buffalo area, ministering with CEF. In 1997, the Lord blessed them with their son, Benjamin. Dan and Ruth are foster parents and are in the process of adopting Seth, and possibly his brothers Anthony and Adam.

Dan and Ruth met Jeff Hackett from SCORE, and went on a missions trip in 2007. In 2008, they joined the SCORE team with a vision of partnering US churches with overseas village churches. He is also eager to minister in the sugarcane villages using the Creole he learned as a child. He hopes to use his knowledge and love of Child Evangelism by training believers in the villages to teach their children about the Lord.

Contact Info:
Cell Phone: 716-864-5759

Giovanny & Carolina Valdez
Sports Director, Dominican Republic

Giovanny and Carolina serve as missionaries with SCORE in the Dominican Republic. They have two sons, Giancarlo and Gianssen. Giovanny was born in a catholic home, and basketball was his god. He started playing basketball when he was 5 years old and was playing professionally by the time he was 16 years old. Giovanny played on the Dominican National Team for several years.

In 1995, Tennessee Temple University sent their men’s basketball team to the Dominican Republic with SCORE International and played against Giovanny’s team. After the game they shared the gospel of Jesus Christ. Giovanny received Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior that day. After that GOD blessed him with a scholarship to play basketball at TTU. After his time at TTU, Giovanny went back to the Dominican Republic.

The Valdez family has been serving with SCORE International since 2003. Giovanny is a product of what GOD is doing in D.R. When he married Carolina, she was not a Christian. She received Christ as her Saviour in 2005.

Giovanny now serves as the Sports Director in the Dominican Republic. He plans and arranges all of the games for SCORE’s athletic teams that come to play in the D.R.

Contact Info:
Email: gvaldez5@hotmail.com

Jeronimo & Alejandra Ventura
Missionaries, Dominican Republic

Jeronimo Ventura: I was born on April 2, 1975 in Argentina. All of my family is not Christian and until I was 26 years old, I loved a disastrous life with lots of sin. On August 25, 2001, a friend of mine shared with me that Christ could give me a better life and that day I received Christ as my savior.

I am married to Alejandra Martinez; she was born on March 7, 1976. She doesn’t come from a Christian family either and on September 19, 2001 she received Christ. After being together for two years unmarried, the day that she received Christ we understood that we should get married before God. On October 18, we got married and returned to being together how God wanted.

We started to assemble and God put a strong weight in my heart for missionary work and I prayed a lot about being a full time missionary. We are members of Missionary Baptist Church of Carapachay, which was founded by Jim Evans. In the church we took theological seminary and then we took theological seminary for missionaries and pastors. We were the leaders in the children’s area since God had called us to work in children’s ministry and church planting.

In 2007, we did seminaries in L.A.P.E.N. in Argentina where we finished our third year. During our time at the institute we prayed for 3 years about being missionaries in the Dominican Republic. In 2011, we met Jose Prado from Costa Rica and in talking to him we shared with him our prayers and we came to know about the ministry of Score International. Today, by the pure grace of God, we are serving in the Dominican Republic with Children’s Ministry and Church Planting; preparing leaders and teachers in the ministry. Our desire is to continue to grow in the Grace of God. Deuteronomy 13:4 & 2 Corthinthians 5:14-15.

We have two daughters, Julieta born on May 28 1999 and Lucia born on February 24, 2003.

Edgardo Viquez
Edgardo & Erika Gamboa Víquez
Missionaries, Costa Rica

Contact Info:
PO Box 1357-1002, Costa Rica
Email: edgardogamboav@gmail.com
skype: edgardogamboav
Phones: (506) 2227-4736 hm, (506) 8389-4937, & 8866-6226 mobile.

Damaris White
Missionary, Costa Rica

Hi my name is Damaris White James. I was born in Costa Rica in the province of Limon March 6, 1968. I was born in a Christian home. My parents love God and always served Him. I always went to church and learned about the love of God and how that love led Him to die on the cross for my sins.

When I was 26 year old, missionaries form Word of Life came and worked in my church with the youth group. I saw different people that loved God and people, and Juanita Alvarez began to challenge my life with the Bible. Also Rita Coto influenced my life and I began to have a desire to go to Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. But I really was afraid and six years passed in my life telling the Lord, “next year I will go.”

In 2001 my dad became very ill with a sickness he had been fighting for 12 years, and God used that time to speak to my heart. My dad’s testimony really impacted my life. Many times I heard him say, “I am ready to go home with my father.” But I didn’t know if I was ready to die.

During that time I finally made the decision to go to the Bible Institute. I said to God, “when my time comes, I really want to go home in peace with you.” On March 6, 2002 my father went home to be with the Lord. And on March 29, 2003 I went to the Bible Institute. It was a hard time because three months before my sister had called me form New York and told us my mom had cancer. For the first time, I put my mom’s life in the hands of God and I went to Argentina. God was so faithful. My mother has been fine and is doing well today!

Three months later in the Bible Institute, I became sick but didn’t understand why. During that time God began to be real for me. I saw His love and His presence and I really started to know Him more on the 28th of September in 2004. I talked with my mentor, Sonia Santander, and believed in Him and received Jesus as my personal Savoir. Two months later in a special conference I dedicated my life to serve him.

I graduated from the Bible Institute in 2005 and as I was looking for the will of God he opened the door to work with Score in Costa Rica. I have been serving him full time with SCORE since 2005. I enjoy so much the ministry that God has given me.

Contact Info:
Email: dama.1112@hotmail.com

John Zeller
John & Katie Zeller
Executive Director

John has served on the Board of Directors of SCORE International for over 20 years under the direction of its founder, Ron Bishop. In February of 2011, John became the Executive Director for SCORE International and now travels all over the USA speaking at churches, sporting events, camps, and conferences. John also travels overseas on short term mission trips.
John served as the Minister through Recreation Outreach at Idlewild Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida from 1997 to 2007. Before that he served as the Athletic Director of Temple Heights Christian School, Northside Christian Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina, and The Master’s College in Newhall, California, where he also served as the Head Baseball Coach.
John is currently the chaplain for the Tampa Yankees and ST Leo University Baseball Team. He has impacted the lives of many athletes through sports outreach, but even with his accomplishments and commitments, he asserts his family as his top priority. John resides in Florida with his wife Katie. He has two sons, Chad and Chip.

Coaching Experience:
1975-1981 – Northside Christian Academy, Head baseball/Soccer.
1981-1985 – Tennessee Temple University, Head Baseball Coach.
1985-1988 – The Masters College, AD/Head Baseball Coach.
1988-1994 – Northside Christian Academy/ Church Staff, Head baseball/Soccer.
1994-1997 – Temple Heights Baptist Church/School, AD/Head Baseball Coach.
1997-2007- Idlewild Baptist Church, Recreation Pastor.
2007- Present -SCORE International, Executive Director.

Contact Info:
Email: john@scoreinternational.org