Costa Rica Staff

Salvador & Veronica Barrantes
Missionaries, Costa Rica

I was born into a Catholic home and while growing up, I believed that doing good things and being a good person would get me to heaven. In 1997 a person asked me “If I die where will I go?” Conversations that followed showed me the truth as they opened the Bible and showed me that I was a sinner based on Romans 3:23 which says, For all have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. My sin separated me from God and there was nothing I could do on my own strength to get to heaven. In Ephesians 2:8-9 it says For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the Gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. I also learned that Jesus Christ came to the earth 2 thousand years ago to die on the cross because He loved me. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 At that very moment, I surrendered my life to Jesus and I accepted the precious gift of salvation. Since that day, my life has changed and now I can say I have a reason to live and know that one day I will be in heaven with God. Right now, together with my wife Veronica and our son Josue, we work as full time missionaries for Score International Costa Rica and our local church where we have a ministry with the youth in Los Guido. We are so thankful to God for all the opportunities that has been given us to serve our Heavenly Father.
I was born into a Catholic family in Argentina and very active in the church. During my childhood, I received training for competitive tennis. At the age of 13, I met a missionary from a Christian organization called Word of Life and she invited me to their activities. She explained to me that God has a gift for me, and that the only thing that I have to do was to accept it. That gift was Jesus Christ. She explained to me what He did on the cross and at that very moment I accepted Him as my personal Savior. After I accepted Jesus as my Savior, my parents got a divorce. This was a very difficult time for me but God’s love comforted and guided me through this hard time. At the age of 14, I became involved in serving God at my local church. Upon finishing high school, I chose to attend seminary at Word of Life because I wanted to serve God as a missionary. After completing seminary, I moved to Costa Rica to become a missionary with Score International. I worked with Score for 4 years, and during that time I met and became friends with a man who would later become my husband. In 2008, I had the opportunity with Score to go to Dominican Republic to serve our Lord in that country. This was a wonderful experience! During my time in Dominican Republic, my pastor from Costa Rica called me regarding a male friend and fellow worker in the ministry, Salvador Barrantes to inquire if I had feelings towards him. I explained to him that I had been praying for Salvador for the last 2 years, but he did not seem to be interested. A few days later I received a call from Salvador telling me that he loved me and would like to marry me. We started praying for God’s will for our lives… On April 11, 2009 we got married in San Jose, Costa Rica. Today, we serve God together full time at our church in San Jose, Costa Rica. We are actively involved with Score International Costa Rica and the youth from Los Guido through our local church. I praise God for everything He’s done in my life through the years.
For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things: to Him be the glory forever. Amen. Romans 11:36

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Raymond & Marisol Castro
Missionaries, Costa Rica

We are very thankful for the grace that our God has given us in our lives. We were not born in Christian families, but we had our parents’ example who taught us good moral values. As we grew up we had the opportunity to get to know an organization that worked with the youth of Costa Rica through which we both got involved in a church and received Christ as our Savior during our youth. We both decided to give our lives to the Lord and serve Him full time. Because of this we went to the World of Life Bible Institute in Argentina to study His Word for three years, but during this time we were going different ways. It wasn’t until after our studies that we realized the God wanted to join our lives to serve Him as a married couple. So on February 27, 2010 we got married and by His grace we are serving Him through the ministry Score International Costa Rica. As our parents do not know the Lord, please pray for them. God Bless.

Estamos muy agradecidos por la gracia de Nuestro Dios derramada en nuestras vidas. No nacimos en familias cristianas, pero si tuvimos el ejemplo de nuestros padres que con grandes valores morales nos instruyeron. Fuimos creciendo y tuvimos la oportunidad de conocer una organización que trabaja con jóvenes en Costa Rica, mediante la cual ambos nos involucramos en una Iglesia y recibimos a Cristo como Salvador en nuestra juventud. Ambos decidimos consagrar nuestras vidas y servir al Señor tiempo completo, por lo cual asistimos al Instituto Bíblico Palabra de Vida en Argentina para estudiar Su Palabra durante 3 años, pero hasta este momento íbamos por caminos diferentes, no fue hasta después de concluir nuestros estudios que reconocimos que Dios quería unir nuestras vidas y servirle como matrimonio, por lo cual el 27 de febrero del 2010 nos casamos y desde entonces estamos sirviéndole por Su Gracia a través del ministerio de SCORE. Como detalle aún nuestros padres no han conocido del Señor por favor oren por ellos… Dios les bendiga…Raymond y Marisol

Tim Craiger
Tim & Ginny Craiger
Missionaries, Costa Rica

Tim and Ginny Craiger have been serving the Lord with SCORE International since 1999. In 1998, Tim and their son Brandon went to Jamaica on their first SCORE sports mission trip. The following year Tim and Ginny recruited 37 athletes to go to Costa Rica and while they were there God spoke to their hearts regarding coming to SCORE for full time ministry.

They are currently splitting time between serving in the USA and in the Dominican Republic. While in the D.R., Tim serves as the Field Director there. He overseas all of the groups that come down, as well as the many missionaries that SCORE has on staff there. While in the USA, Tim and Ginny recruit athletic teams, church groups, and senior class trips to go on short-term trips with SCORE.

Tim and Ginny have been married since April of 1973. They have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. They are members of First Baptist Church of Elkhart, Indiana. They praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve in this world-wide ministry!

Contact Info:
US Cell – 574-780-3924
DR Cell – 809-299-4085

Bethany Drew
Bethany Drew
Missionary, Costa Rica

I have been tremendously blessed to grow up in a Christian home where both my parents put God first in their lives. Through my parents and my extended family I have been surrounded by positive examples of what it means to live a life with the purpose of glorifying God.

When I was five years old while sitting in the living room with my dad and younger sister I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. At this point in my life I understood that I needed Jesus Christ to enter into Heaven, but my understanding of what it meant to have a relationship with Him was very limited.
As I grew up I was involved in my church and tried to live a good Christian life, but I did not understand what it meant to really depend on God. When I was a freshman in high school my Aunt Alana, who I was very close with, died from a brain tumor. This was the first time in my life that I faced something that I could not handle on my own.

At this time God began to teach me that He wanted a relationship with me and wanted me to depend solely on Him. That summer I went on my first mission trip with SCORE International. I went to the Dominican Republic on a basketball team and God began working on my heart. I fell in love with the people, the country, and the work that SCORE was doing. I traveled with SCORE to the DR and Costa Rica for the next seven summers.

Throughout this time God called me to full time missions work SCORE International. My college years were also a great time of growth in my walk with God. I attended Grace College and through friends, professors, and staff members at the school my relationship with God and faith in Him was challenged and stretched. God has continued to mold me into the woman He desires me to be, and I am excited about the ways He will continue to do so until I go Home.

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Andy & Tina Gordley
Missionaries/GAP Director, Costa Rica

At the age of eight I moved with my family from Pennsylvania to Costa Rica, and eight months later to Panama. At age 14 we moved back to Costa Rica where my parents ran missions teams that came from the United States. I returned to Pennsylvania to attend Lancaster Bible College in 1992. While in college I served as a volunteer youth leader in my local church, and I also worked as the director of a youth center for about a year and a half. After that I did a discipleship internship in my home church for 2 year. In 1997 I became a full time area missionary with a para church ministry. Two families and I started a ministry to public high school kids called “Youth Link.” After about 6 years of Youth Link I became the director and continued with the ministry until turning it over to other leaders in 2010. In August of 2010 My family and I moved to Costa Rica to serve as the directors of the GAP program.

Other facts:

Graduated from Lancaster Bible College in 1997 with a degree in Bible/Christian. Education with a Youth Ministry emphasis.
Married Tina in 2000.
Taught an undergraduate class called “Discipling Youth” at Lancaster Bible college for 4 years.
Helped to develop the youth ministry area of the Institute of Biblical Enrichment (A non-credit program of Lancaster Bible Colleges.)
Graduated from Lancaster Bible and Graduate School in 2009 with a degree in Leadership Studies in Ministry.
Have 3 boys and 1 girl Elijah, Brayden, Jamin, and Summer.

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Andy (Sam) Gordley
GAP Year Director
A ministry of SCORE International
On Loan from American Missionary Fellowship

Sarah Labriel
Missionary, Costa Rica

Carlos and Sarah Labriel were married November 10, 2012. Sarah has been a SCORE missionary since 2006 and Carlos is in the application process with SCORE.

Their testimonies are filled with the faithfulness of God through death and adversity. Their love story is one they like to call, “God-sequence,” which all started back in 2000 when Sarah witnessed to Carlos after winning a game of one-on-one of basketball. At that time Carlos loved basketball more than God and choose to live a life of playing professional basketball in Guatemala, his home country. Ten years later the seeds that Sarah had planted in Carlos’ life had been watered greatly by the Lord and Carlos accepted Christ as his only Saviour. The Holy Spirit has done a marvelous work and continues to form Carlos into the man of God this family needs. Presently both are ministering with Sports Ministry in Costa Rica. Sarah as an official SCORE missionary and Carlos as a partner of SCORE until all the steps of the application process are finalized. Carlos also is attending Bible School, he has a call to pastor in the future.

Their two kids are Mattias and Layla.

John & Rebekah Lovell
Student Life Directors, GAP Program, Costa Rica

John and Rebekah are from Woodstock, GA, and have served as the Student Life Directors for GAP Costa Rica for the second year. They have been married 5 years and are expecting their first child, a son, this June. Their passion for and involvement with the high school and college ministries at First Baptist Woodstock led them to GAP Year where they mentor and disciple the students while being active in the community with a new church plant and their Spanish small group. John teaches many Bible Classes including Apologetics, 1st Corinthians, Evangelism, Inductive study, World Religions, and more. He also pastors the villa’s Sunday night services with student-led worship and leads the guys in small group and in one-on-one mentoring. Rebekah leads two girls small groups and mentors girls one-on-one while helping facilitate service projects with partnering organizations.
John ‘s background as a soldier in the U.S Special Operations, education from Georgia State University, vocational experience in business, and passion to preach, affords a broad world perspective that is firmly rooted in Biblical Truth.
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Manolo & Valeria Madrigal
Missionaries, Costa Rica

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Noel & Mary Mata
GAP Teachers, Costa Rica

Noel met Christ as his Savior at the Emanuel Baptist Church in Hatillo, San Jose, Costa Rica in 1982. Six months later, he entered in the Emanuel Church Bible Institute where he studied the Bible for three years. Mary met Jesus Christ as her personal Savior at the Emanuel Baptist Church in Hatillo, San Jose, Costa Rica, during an evangelistic campaign in 1984.

In 1989, the Lord called the Matas to serve Him full time with Word of Life in Costa Rica. Being in that ministry, they had the opportunity to go to study for one year at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. Noel and Mary served with Word of Life in Costa Rica for five years until 1993. For the next 13 years the Mata family served God at the El Lugar Church, just outside of San Jose.

In 2006, the Lord guided Noel and Mary toward Score International where they are now doing ministry with the GAP Program and with the groups that come on short term trips with SCORE.

Noel and Mary have three precious daughters: Rebeca, born in 1985, is currently studying at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. She met Jesus in 1990 when she was five years old. Noelia, born in 1989, met Jesus in 1996 at the age of seven. Ruth, born in 1993, met Jesus in 1998 at the age of five.

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Aby & Gladys Prado
Missionaries, Costa Rica

Abyzhadwl (Aby) Prado was born in Costa Rica in 1966. He went to Argentina in 1987 to study the Word of God at Word of Life Bible Institute, where also he received Christ. He married Gladys Justo in 1990 and went back to Costa Rica where he served for 11 years with Word of Life Ministries. During that time, God started to show the Prado family the need of planting churches in places where no one else was working. Since 2001, the Prados have been planting local churches and discipling believers through classes at the Bible Institute, radio programs, materials, conferences, camps, etc.

Gladys Justo was born in Argentina. When she was 8 she received Christ as Saviour. She grew up in a Christian home, and went to WOLBI in Argentina to study in 1988. While at the bible Institute, she met Aby. They got married and she went with him to serve the Lord in Costa Rica. God has blessed them with two children, Joel who is 18 years old, and Sophya who is 16.

They have being serving God as full time missionaries for the last 17 years now, always partnering with SCORE.

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Jose & Gaby Prado
Missionaries, Costa Rica

Jose was born in Costa Rica. He was involved in sports and politics but the Grace of God saved him in 1984. After that, he went to study the Word of God at Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. There, he met Gaby, and they got married in 1992. Gaby was born in Argentina, and accepted Christ as her Savior in 1980. Jose and Gaby have three beloved daughters, Melanny, Michelle, and Melissa. The Prados served the Lord with Word of Life Costa Rica for 10 years. They now we have the challenge to continue sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with SCORE International.

Jose now serves as the Director of Group Ministries, Costa Rica for SCORE. He and Gaby plan, organize, and lead all of the short-term groups that travel to Costa Rica with SCORE. Jose also directs the full staff of missionaries in Costa Rica.

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Jose – Email:
Gaby – Email:

Mike & Casey Tabor
Field Director, Costa Rica

Mike is a second generation missionary who was saved at the age of eight years old. He attended Clearwater Christian College, Clearwater, FL and latter served as a youth pastor in Findlay, OH.
In Findlay, Mike meet his wife Casey, who was the director of CEF(Child Evangelism Fellowship) in Hancock and Hardin Counties. They were married in 1995 and six months after felt a calling to be missionaries in Costa Rica

Mike and Casey have had the privilege of serving the Lord for 14 years in the country of Costa Rica. They have been involved with pastoring, church planting, leadership training, children and youth camps, VBS and christian education. They have four children: James (14), Jonathan (13), Ellen (11) and Alicia (7).

Mike became acquainted with Score through Ron Bishop after speaking in one of the chapel at the Christian School. After that meeting Mike became involved with some of the events that Score was doing such as Kosmos, the Gap Program, and out reach ministries.

Mike and Casey count it a blessing to now be a part of Score as Field Director in Costa Rica. They are expecting to do great things to give God all the Glory.

Edgardo Viquez
Edgardo & Erika Gamboa Víquez
Missionaries, Costa Rica

Contact Info:
PO Box 1357-1002, Costa Rica
skype: edgardogamboav
Phones: (506) 2227-4736 hm, (506) 8389-4937, & 8866-6226 mobile.

Damaris White
Missionary, Costa Rica

Hi my name is Damaris White James. I was born in Costa Rica in the province of Limon March 6, 1968. I was born in a Christian home. My parents love God and always served Him. I always went to church and learned about the love of God and how that love led Him to die on the cross for my sins.

When I was 26 year old, missionaries form Word of Life came and worked in my church with the youth group. I saw different people that loved God and people, and Juanita Alvarez began to challenge my life with the Bible. Also Rita Coto influenced my life and I began to have a desire to go to Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. But I really was afraid and six years passed in my life telling the Lord, “next year I will go.”

In 2001 my dad became very ill with a sickness he had been fighting for 12 years, and God used that time to speak to my heart. My dad’s testimony really impacted my life. Many times I heard him say, “I am ready to go home with my father.” But I didn’t know if I was ready to die.

During that time I finally made the decision to go to the Bible Institute. I said to God, “when my time comes, I really want to go home in peace with you.” On March 6, 2002 my father went home to be with the Lord. And on March 29, 2003 I went to the Bible Institute. It was a hard time because three months before my sister had called me form New York and told us my mom had cancer. For the first time, I put my mom’s life in the hands of God and I went to Argentina. God was so faithful. My mother has been fine and is doing well today!

Three months later in the Bible Institute, I became sick but didn’t understand why. During that time God began to be real for me. I saw His love and His presence and I really started to know Him more on the 28th of September in 2004. I talked with my mentor, Sonia Santander, and believed in Him and received Jesus as my personal Savoir. Two months later in a special conference I dedicated my life to serve him.

I graduated from the Bible Institute in 2005 and as I was looking for the will of God he opened the door to work with Score in Costa Rica. I have been serving him full time with SCORE since 2005. I enjoy so much the ministry that God has given me.

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