Founder Ron Bishop

In 1985, Ron Bishop resigned as the basketball coach at Tennessee Temple University to start a sports missions ministry. Taking a basketball team to Mexico, this unusual ministry had a national impact. Since then, thousands of athletes have traveled with SCORE to 20 countries and have preached the Gospel to thousands of spectators at halftime. In addition, millions of others have heard the message through television and radio coverage.

SCORE has now expanded and is taking church youth groups, senior class trips, educators, choirs, medical teams and construction teams all in an effort to mass evangelize, expose people to missions and edify the local church. SCORE has established orphanages in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. A medical facility in the Dominican Republic has been built and will serve local pastors and missionaries, as well as the poor who cannot afford medical care.

In the Dominican Republic, SCORE is partnering with the Rawlings Foundation to build and operate a Baseball Academy, Camp, and Bible College. The Rawlings Foundation will build and own a world-class facility that SCORE will help operate and share in the ministry.

Currently, SCORE owns facilities in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. It also does extensive ministry in Argentina. The ministry has plans to expand to other South American countries as well as Europe.

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